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"24 - Hours Beneath a Rainbow Sea"- the World's First Pictorial Almanac captured over 24 Hours Beneath the Indian Ocean - Maaya Thila Maldives

Limited Edition - 160 pages printed 6 colour printing process/ US$60

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This almanac is a documentary of a day in the life of a submerged reef system as seen through the eyes of the 24-hour dive team. All the images are actually captured between 10 to 11 April, 1999, 12 noon to 12 noon. The energy and enchantment of a unique marine reserve in the Maldives is beautifully revealed in a celebration of artistic imagery. Share the excitement and tribulation of the team in the Off Stage segments; learn the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of sharks, octopus, eels, snappers, turtles, clownfish and their neighbourhood of critters. Relive the 24 hour odyssey in a metropolis of marine animals and indulge in the glory and colours of Planet Earth's rainbow realm. 

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 "Dreams from the Rainbow Sea - Maldives" - the pictorial by Michael Aw