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OceanNEnvironment, is a non-profit organization listed with the Registrar of Environmental Organisations in Australia. The mission of OceanNEnvironment promotes and initiates preservation projects as well as endeavors to document the status of coral reefs, bio-diversity and the impact of man-made pollution through research programs and educational expeditions. OceanNEnvironment provides lectures and educational material to schools, private clubs and other non-profit organizations. OceanNEnvironment is also the principal sponsor for the production of Asian Geographic Magazine.

Associates of OceanNEnvironment are volunteers comprising of award-winning underwater filmmakers, photographers, marine biologists, researchers and writers dedicated to produce high quality natural history multi-media works. Our objective is to present information about our natural heritage in an exciting and thought provoking manner. Our aim is to motivate people to learn, to love and to help preserve our natural world.

Some of our prominent Honorary members and Board members are: Dr. Carden Wallace Director, Museum of Tropical Queensland,  Dr. Gerry Allen Western Australia Museum, Doug Perrine, Author of  Sharks and Mysteries of the Sea , Dr. Nicholas Pilcher Vice Chair of UNIMAS, Dr. Howard Latin, Conservation Proferssor Newark, New Jersey, Dr. Elizabeth Wood (UK - Coral Reef Conservation Officer), Dr. Douglas Fenner,( AIMS) and Leandro Blanco, BBC Filmmaker Award winner to name but a few.

 Key issues on our immediate agenda is lobbying for restriction of export of Chelinus undulatus Maori Wrasse to the live-fish trade in Hong Kong and the initiation of the World Monitoring and Preservation Program for Napoleon Wrasse.











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