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Beyond Take Nothing, Break Nothing, Leave Nothing but Bubbles

Guidelines for the Environmentally Conscious Diver

1. When on diving holidays, choose to patron resorts and live-aboard diving vessels with operational standards that go beyond just being environmentally conscious, but ones that actively contribute to the sustain-ability and preservation of the marine environment.

2. Do not patronize restaurants that serve shark fin soup, Napoleon wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) and live fish imported from countries known to have problems with fish collected using sodium cyanide.

3. Purchase diving equipment from manufacturers that contribute to the welfare of the ocean.

4. Write and complain to magazines, newspapers or book publishers who publish pictures that show animal harassment or articles that are ecologically offensive.

5. Learn more about marine animals by attending marine ecology programs and participate in eco-tourism or research diving expeditions.

6. Do not throw anything into the sea, even if it is bio-degradable. Even if it is legal, set an exemplary example by not removing anything such as shells, corals or fish either dead or alive from the sea.

7. Report to relevant authorities any observation of damage or practices that could be damaging to the marine environment.

It is not too late to change our attitude towards the Ocean - You can make a difference.


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