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OceanNEnvironment’s Turtle Nest Adoption & Research Program

HELP STOP This Turtle CARNAGE in Asia!

 Support the Turtle Nest Adoption & Research Program

OceanNEnvironment turtle program support resorts in Indonesia and Malaysia - adopting the nearest village, integrating the people - village cultural nights for the tourists and training locals to sell their handicraft , both sustainable resources.

 The Mechanics

1.     The resort will provide the facilities and the manpower to monitor turtles, supporting scientists in a tagging program and data base, as well as taking care of the security of the nests.

2.  Installing the Program - setting up facilities for scientists to stay and teach   the local to participate in the tagging program.  OceanNEnvironment will be coordinating the program in this aspect - database, educational literature for divers.

3. Support from the village is important- the people must be aware that by guarding the eggs - more tourists will come to the island - the ready sale of eggs, without even the need to dig for them. OceanNEnvironment bring in scientist to educate the local.. Our scientist train the local to maintain records database for turtles.

 4. We lobby for ban turtle meat consumption in Bali through our pro-active members.

 5. We organized field research expeditions to gain more knowledge of turtle natal beaches and to interact with local people.

 Summary - By OceanNEnvironment you are directly supporting the future of our ocean -

 In brief: OceanNEnvironment Turtle Preservation Program

1. Help feed the local people.

2. Help Save Turtles

3. Education - for local people, divers and scientists.

4.  Encourage interaction of local people and divers. This is true eco-tourism

 How to be involved:

 1.      Participate in the donation program

2.      join OceanNEnvironment Turtle Research expeditions

3.      Divers – support only resorts and live-aboard vessels with attributes that go beyond being simply environmentally friendly - ones that devote time, money and passion to preserve the quality of the marine environment.


Membership & Donation Program $50 - Package

Tax deductible receipt

Membership to OceanNEnvironment x 1 year


One set Greeting cards - 5" x 7" x 6 pieces - value US$15

One Rainbow Sea Screen Saver - value US$ 25

Special Members discount to all expeditions

Membership card

Certificate of Appreciation for Turtle Nest Adoption & Research Program

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