How to Play Online Slots – All the Info You Need to Spin a Win

How to Play Online Slots – All the Info You Need to Spin a Win

When you’re new to the world of online slots, you may be confused by all the terms and information that surround these games. There are several things you should know about these games, including Return to Player percentage, Paylines, Bonus rounds, and Multipliers. If you want to make the most of your slots play, read on for more helpful tips. Listed below are some basic rules for successful slot play.

Return to Player percentage

When playing online slots, you’ll often hear the term “Return to Player” (RTP) mentioned. It refers to the percentage of money a player can expect to win from a slot xo machine. While it’s commonly used to describe slot machines, the concept can apply to any type of gambling machine. The RTP is calculated based on the size of prizes and the probability of winning. Online casinos claim to have higher Return to Player percentages than traditional land-based casinos, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

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A slot machine’s RTP can be found on its rules or on the website of the developer. Alternatively, you can search Google for the game name and “return to player” to find its payout percentage. In the latter case, you’ll probably be better off contacting the casino itself to get its RTP. The higher the RTP, the better. But if you’re a novice, you can still find a game’s RTP by reading the payout percentages listed on its website.


The first thing you need to know about slot machines is the payline system. Every game has several paylines. The higher the payline number, the higher your total bet will be. However, the payline arrangement does vary. A classic slot game may only have one or three horizontal paylines. More advanced games can feature hundreds of paylines. To determine how many paylines you’ll have to play, consult the paytable.

Once you’ve accessed the paytable for a slot machine, you’ll be able to determine its value. Paytables are available on slot game websites by clicking on the trophy or information icon. Each symbol has a value that increases as more of them appear in winning combinations. The paytable will also show you any special features, including bonuses, that may be available to you.

Bonus rounds

If you love to play online slots, one of the most fun ways to increase your winnings is to activate bonus rounds. Bonus rounds are extra features that allow players to play the slot machine again for bigger payouts. These bonus rounds are generally associated with slots, but other types of games can have them as well. Below are some tips to help you maximize your bonus rounds while playing online slots. Here are three of the most common ways to trigger bonus rounds:

The first way to activate the bonus rounds in online slots is to trigger them by landing specific symbols on the screen. The symbols that trigger these rounds are called scatters or bonus symbols. They can be the logo of the slot game or the main character of the game. They are designed to be the most prominent symbols. If they appear, the player is awarded a winning spin. Bonus rounds can also be triggered by other symbols, including wilds.


While you may be tempted to skip online slots with multipliers in search of more lucrative games, it is not a good idea. These bonuses are rare and rarely used. Multipliers can be any value set by the developer. In most cases, you’ll only be aware of their value before you spin the reels. The good news is that there are some good ones out there. These tips will help you find a casino that has them.

The best place to learn about the different types of multipliers in an online slot is the pay table. Most games offer pay tables via a button on the game screen. This button will take you to a new window with details on the paytable and the winning combinations. In addition to pay out amounts, pay tables also explain how scatters and wild symbols work. In some instances, the multiplier will be applied to the entire bet.


Once you’ve hit a big prize, it’s time to stop spinning the reels. Often, slot machines will give you a string of “empty” spins that will not yield the desired result. You should stop spinning the reels after your bankroll reaches one-third of your original deposit. Further rotation of the reels will have no effect on your prize, and the odds of winning are slim.

In online slots, the aim of the game is to match three, four, or five symbols. These symbols must appear from left to right starting from the leftmost reel. Female TV host symbols will trigger a bonus mini-game, where the reels will transform into gifts. You can then select a gift and reveal your prize. If you’ve hit a lucky combination, you’ll receive a prize.

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